Dearest You

Dearest You,
I cannot recall exactly when or how we met
But perhaps that is because I have always known you
At least this is how it seems.
It matters not where or when
The truth is we were always meant to be
If it had not been in this lifetime, I am convinced
It would have been in the next.
My being without you would have been an impossibility
For even without knowing of your existence I could never forget
I dreamt of you before I knew how to dream
You slid beneath my bones
Gliding like a soft persistent breeze between
My fingers and my toes
You have always been with me my love
Knowing me before I knew what it was to be known
I don’t love you because you make me better
I love you because you make me me
I love you because you are you and your
You-ness is always new
I see you in a passageway called change
And when I look around you are gone again
Transformed into another you
And each and every aspect of you is
A part I love
I am immersed in you
Imbedded in the bread you eat
The sleep you sleep
The tales you tell
The dreams you beat
What is it I ask of you
That you should always speak your truth
And allow me to listen to its echo and its timbre
That when I cry you feel no need
To ask me why
That our coupling should burn brand new
Like a hot summer day when the season’s through
That in the beginning, middle and
Continuation of our story
I should be me
And you should be you
By Xam Thims (May 2014)

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