Cover Letter Template

Name of Employer/HRA Director


I’m writing to apply for the position of XXXX. I’m confident that my skills and experience make me a good fit for the position and am equally confident that I can deliver the results your company is seeking.

A bit about my background: Drop in two or three points about what makes you an especially good fit, such as A) results that you’ve achieved in the past that show why you’re ideally suited, and/or B) Speak to a specific priority of the company and how your experience meets the company’s/position’s needs.

Highlight an award: If you’ve got an award or special recognition that further highlights your capabilities as related to this position and/or company, then include it.

I have great admiration for your company and believe that my many years of experience working in INSERT FIELD OR INDUSTRY not only make me ideally suited for the position, but ensures optimal delivery of the results you are seeking.

thank you in advance for your time and attention to this letter and would welcome the opportunity to learn more about the position and to speak with you about my background and how it can help your company to attain the results you desire.

Sincerely/With best regards,

Insert Signature

Lana Moorer

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